RD Fuller manages each account throughout the full lifecycle, from front-end collections efforts, to pre-legal payment arrangements, to litigation, through post judgment remedies, with comprehensive reporting and communication every step of the way. In some states, RD Fuller will even facilitate debt recovery as part of an eviction process.

This unique accounts receivable management platform delivers superior results through debt analysis, state-of-the- art technology, hands-on management, and a budget dedicated for debtor location. A single collection agency won’t achieve RD Fuller’s results without a proactive litigation model and these treatment strategies:

  • RD Fuller identifies and monitors critical data points, segments the accounts, and then applies targeted collection strategies to each segment.

  • RD Fuller establishes and maintains standards for collection that drive performance, compliance, control, and an organized work effort.

  • In some states, RD Fuller employs Complete Eviction and Collection Integration (CECI). This is a litigation-first debt recovery strategy that limits court costs.

  • The RD Fuller Legal Collection Strategy combines the benefits of legal analysis, pre-legal collection efforts, litigation results, and post-judgment liquidations.

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13RD Fuller Has A Strategic Alliance With TRAKAmerica

TRAKAmerica is the standard of excellence for recovery across all stages of delinquency. TRAKAmerica has superior performance and industry-leading compliance and control. TRAKAmerica has a proven, lengthy record of successful leadership in the accounts receivable management industry.

OnTRAK offers web access to portfolio wide data and analytics, providing tools to better understand work efforts being applied.



is the largest and most successful national recovery network offering dynamic legal and collection strategies.



utilizes state-of-the-art technologies, modeling, forecasting, and analytics to ensure maximum recovery on your debt.



functions as the point of control in the legal recovery space by creating a bridge between clients and a strong network of certified collection agencies and law firms.



maintains a national network of law firms and collection agencies that are constantly reviewed to ensure optimum performance, compliance activities, and quality control.