The RD Fuller accounts receivable management network is powered by TRAKAmerica, an established, unique, and innovative network for managing accounts receivable


Collection Agencies

Full service national collection agencies with a superior control structure, compliance-based infrastructure, robust analytics, dedicated resources, forecasting, and a custom suite of reports. RD Fuller collection vendors are in constant competition and under constant scrutiny so you know you are getting the best!


Nationwide Legal Network

Advanced modelling identifies the most likely candidates for legal action. Litigation files are processed through an extensive national network of collection law firms. RD Fuller can deliver your accounts to a highly experienced collection law firm in any jurisdiction in the U.S.


OnTRAK Technology

RD Fuller clients can log directly into the OnTRAK system through a secured static IP address for account level information, including balances, status, work efforts, and detailed ledger balances. RD Fuller provides regular portfolio performance and financial reports.


True Accounts Receivable Management

RD Fuller pursues liquidations through straightforward collections agency practices, and litigation strategies, by strategically managing placement of accounts.


Integrated Eviction Attorneys

Where available based on state law, RD Fuller can work with your eviction attorney to integrate the collections process as part of an eviction action.


Monthly Reporting

RD Fuller’s reports providing community, payment, cost, and inventory detail are delivered monthly.


Legal Analysis

Expert and experienced legal resources assess each client account to determine which accounts are slated for litigation.


National Litigation

With help from TRAKAmerica, RD Fuller is able to pursue litigation throughout the United States, process filings, secure money judgments and more.


Judgment Execution

RD Fuller is also able to execute on judgments through negotiated settlements, wage garnishment, asset liens, and more.


Advancement of Legal Costs

RD Fuller advances all costs of litigation.

RD Fuller’s Accounts Receivable Management Program Manages The Full Life-Cycle of Your Defaulted Receivables