RD Fuller Provides a Single Point-of-Service For Superior Accounts Receivable Management

10Property managers, portfolio managers, and owners enjoy several advantages when they choose the RD Fuller accounts receivable management program.

Tenant debt originates three ways: evictions, skips, and damages. Where possible, RD Fuller achieves complete eviction collection integration (CECI) with your existing eviction attorney. Meaning your eviction cases are collection cases from day one.*

RD Fuller’s platform is fully Multi-family Information and Transaction Standards (MITS) compliant. Being MITS compliant gives RD Fuller the capacity to directly integrate with leading property management software. Upon integration, your defaulted receivables can be automatically and seamlessly forwarded to RD Fuller’s platform.

RD Fuller provides detailed analytics to turn your write offs into assets. RD Fuller detailed analytics help communities forecast, and give corporate executives a better understanding of anticipated net backs.

Based on over a decade of collection data, accounts selected for a legal strategy outperform conventional collection agency liquidations by two to three times.

RD Fuller immediately organizes your portfolio, analyzes each file and pursues skip tracing strategies. RD Fuller holds collection agencies and law firms accountable by using a set of unique status codes that are updated daily. Benefits include increased efficiencies, greater organization, improved reporting, and a substantial increase in liquidation. Over time, RD Fuller’s accounts receivable management program will have an enormous impact on your bottom line as RD Fuller constantly pursues different treatments, and the most effective course of action for each account.

Do You Want To Make More Money On Your Receivables, While Also Limiting YourRisks And Liabilities?
RD Fuller Can Help! 

RD Fuller offers a full service accounts receivable management solution that engages a well-developed network of collection agencies and collection law firms that are constantly being evaluated for top performance. The entire network is established to limit risk, ensure compliance, and treat debtors in an ethical and responsible manner. The network is also designed for maximum performance accountability and overall liquidations.

Pursuing legal action, securing judgments, liquidating judgments (current or dormant) and managing the entire process takes time. RD Fuller’s platform has the sophistication to manage all of these processes over time. Property owners and management ultimately benefit over time through improved liquidation rates and a substantial increase in revenues. This is the RD Fuller Advantage. Our approach produces a higher rate of return, and make these assets more valuable:

  • Legal Judgments
  • Payment Plans
  • Post Judgment Liquidation
  • Wage Garnishment
  • Asset Liens
  • Better Collections Practices

RD Fuller Provides A Single Source for a Robust Suite of Recovery Solutions!

* Complete Eviction Collection Integration (CECI) is only available in certain states depending on state law.