RD Fuller offers a comprehensive platform
for Accounts Receivable Management.


Superior Client Service

RD Fuller Is Your Single Point of Service For Your
Accounts Receivables For The Entire Life Cycle Of Debt



Full Scale Solutions

RD Fuller Serves The Multi-Family Housing Industry with an
Innovative Accounts Receivable Approach to Collections
and Recovery Services



Maximized Recovery

RD Fuller Is Powered by TRAKAmerica: The Industry leader
in Nationwide Accounts Receivable Management


Increased Liquidations Through Advanced Account Receivable Management Strategies
From RD Fuller Will Positively Impact Your Bottom Line

  • RD Fuller combines technology, legal expertise and strategic partnerships in order to improve on the liquidation of delinquent receivables

  • RD Fuller provides a full life cycle accounts receivable management solution and flexible servicing options in response to individual client situations

  • RD Fuller maximizes client returns through multiple treatments of your receivables including multiple collection agency and legal efforts, based upon advanced performance modeling, and comprehensive portfolio management

  • RD Fuller and its partner TRAKAmerica’s national network of nationally licensed collections agencies and state specific law firms provide successful collections through both collection agency and law firm effort

  • RD Fuller’s competitive accounts receivable management approach uses multiple nationally licensed collection agencies and law firms, rather than relying on a single collection agency or law firm

RD Fuller is Innovative, Sophisticated, and Entirely Committed to the Success of Its Clients

  • RD Fuller is a sophisticated accounts receivable management platform that integrates Evictions, Money Judgments, Collections and Debt Recovery

  • RD Fuller offers a suite of Reports that provide insight to your write-offs at both the community and portfolio level

  • RD Fuller delivers full transparency that results in accountability, including viewing of individual account work efforts being made on your receivables

  • RD Fuller’s accounts receivable management platform reviews and analyzes your debt and applies a sophisticated strategy to identify the best approach to collections, recovery, liquidation and ongoing management


RD Fuller Powered by TRAKAmerica, Brings a Forward-Thinking, Technology-Driven Platform to Bear on Distressed Receivables in the Housing Industry

  • RD Fuller has a strategic alliance with TRAKAmerica

  • TRAKAmerica powers the largest and most successful national legal recovery network and accounts receivable management organization in the United States

  • Since the 1990s, the financial services industry has deployed and benefitted from a sophisticated national accounts receivable management strategy rather than placing debt with a single nationally licensed collection agency

  • RD Fuller and TRAKAmerica’s strategic alliance brings this proven accounts receivable management platform that integrates evictions to the multifamily housing industry


  • RD Fuller provides a full service accounts receivable management platform

  • RD Fuller delivers the right account, to the right collector, at the right time

  • RD Fuller improves net return to the client at all stages of the collection

  • RD Fuller provides detailed analytics to turn your write-offs into assets


  • RDF offers a full service accounts receivable management solution to maximize your recovery whether you have a single, multi-state, or national portfolio

  • RDF provides ultimate portfolio insight through robust reporting packages and account level detail

  • RDF employs a sophisticated, proprietary segmentation model to identify the best accounts for collection agency efforts and the best accounts for legal efforts


  • Your revenue is maximized through RD Fuller’s scalable, competition- based recovery strategy

  • RD Fuller advances money for you to achieve results at no financial risk to you

  • RD Fuller delivers better results for you and your bottom line

  • RD Fuller’s financial success is 100% contingent upon improving your revenue stream

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